Bell, Vanessa (1879-1961) 1

A little note to say that I’m taking a hiatus from writing about the books that I read here. I’m not sure if it’s a break, or if I’m through with my written musings — but right now I wish to concentrate on my Life During Wartime Challenge (I plan to do it for 2015, too!). I feel like I have so much to say about sustainability, frugality, making, and doing, and want to spend what time I have to write musing about those subjects.

I’m still a voracious reader (to put it mildly), and will continue to write bits about what I’m reading on twitter — I hope you’ll consider being my twitter friend!

Thanks for reading throughout the years! xoxoxoxoxo

image: Vanessa Bell’s painting, Interior with artist’s daughter, 1935-1936. ❤



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