State of the Bookworm Address

Just a little hello to say what’s going on in my bookish world!

-I’m intensely involved in Our Mutual Friend by Dickens. It’s the last book I haven’t read by him (and his last completed book). What a last first time! I am loving it beyond words. Off the cuff impressions: it’s so strange and sardonic and astonishing. Those that accuse Dickens of being too sentimental clearly are not referring to his later books. In Our Mutual Friend, he is skewering the world of money and society that goes even beyond Hard Times. I’ll save the official word for when I’m done, but this might just wind up being my favorite book by Dickens.

Also — Jenny Wren. “Come up and be dead! Come up and be dead!”  OMG.

-I’m not in school this semester, which is really sad. Long story short: my husband got laid off, then got a new job that doesn’t provide health insurance until November. Thankfully, I was able to put him on mine — it’s exorbitant to do so, but so necessary. There went my school money. My professor kindly shared the syllabus of the class I had to drop with me, so I am still able to read and learn what I was so looking forward to reading and learning. I’m going to crack open Reading Images by Kress and Van Leeuwen today to catch up with the class — semiotics of the visual world. Yes, please!

-At the end of the Spring 2014 semester, my professor and I submitted a joint proposal to write an article for a special issue of Across the Disciplines that will be about Composition and the Arts. We just found out we got accepted! Our article is due January 1, 2015, so I’ll still be doing lots of academic work in the  coming months, even though I’m not in school. This makes me very, very, very happy.

…and that is the state of this bookworm!

image: Jenny Wren with Riah by Thomas Dalziel, done for the serial installments for Our Mutual Friend.



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