A Musing: Secondhand Spirits


This book was so much fun! Witches! Vintage Clothing! San Francisco! AND a Pot Bellied Pig/Goblin! Blackwell gets all the details right: witchcraft is treated intelligently and respectfully, she knows her vintage clothing, and all of the quirks that let you know that you are in SF, a place like no other, are there — even down to the food. Even down to the coffee shops! The quote before the book begins is Keats ❤

I heard some good things about this book, but got pretty worried when I saw the cover. It looks like vapid chick lit, huh? Well, it’s not. Lily, the main character, is smart, interesting, vulnerable, and imperfect. The author’s insight into human nature is complex and moving. I completely agree with the author’s musings about clothing, magic, cooking, and selfhood. I really like Bronwyn and am so, so, so curious about Adian.

I’m not a big mystery reader, and guessing whodunit is not one of my things. The mystery was probably the aspect I liked least about the book, but I still thought it well done (and totally didn’t guess who it was).

I have the next book in the series, and can’t wait to start it. It centers around the San Francisco Art Institute! That’s like where I work, only in SF! I put the others on my paperback swap wish list — we’ll see what happens. I may have to spring for these because they are that pleasurable, and it’s summer, and I want to get to know these characters better.

Did you read the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books (before they got super smutty) and totally loved them? Then I think you would like these.

(and see. I’m not a total book snob. Just maybe an 89% book snob. He hee.)



  1. Wallace

    Okay, you have me wanting to look up this series. Like you (and KerryCan) mentioned, the cover art makes it seem like the book would be silly (not that that’s stopped me before) but YOU make it sound interesting. I’m thinking, from your description, that my mom would like it too!

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