What Should I Read On My Trip?


Hello Everyone! I have a very important task that I’d love some help with! I leave for the Conference on College Composition and Communication on Tuesday, and I want to take one paperback book with me for the plane rides, late night comfort, and any down time when I crave a quiet bit of reading. I narrowed it down to nine possible books to bring — can you help me choose the Final Bring On My Trip book by answering this poll?


I promise to bring the book that gets the most votes! I’ll end the poll at 8pm on Monday March 17, 2014 EST.

Thanks so much for helping me pick my book! xoxoxoxo


    • jackiemania

      I originally picked Cold Comfort Farm as theeeeee book, but then I thought it would be fun to have my reading friends help me out 🙂 It will be like bringing a little bit of you all on my trip! I can’t wait to see which book gets the most votes.

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    I voted for Miss Pettigrew because it’s so absolutely wonderful and the sort of thing you can read while travelling! Enjoy whatever you get to read!

  2. Fleur in her World

    I’d pick Miss Pettigrew or Cold Comfort Farm, because both are books that hold up whatever your mood by be, and that is so important when you only have the one book on hand. On balance Miss Pettigrew has it, I think.

  3. chezjulie

    This is so fun. I love a quiz! I have to admit that I only saw the movie go Cold Comfort Farm but it seems like it would fit the bill for late night comfort. I am going to have to read Miss Pettigrew based on everyone’s recommendations.

  4. The Literarium

    I’m the black sheep for this poll because I chose My Wars Are Laid Away in Books, just because Emily Dickenson’s life is fascinating and I find her poetry extremely comforting and inspiring.

    I look forward to hearing your choice!

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