I Started Another Blog: Life During Wartime Challenge


Just a small advertisement for another blog I started:

Life During Wartime Challenge

I’m tracking my 2014 clothing, toiletry, and tea purchases with a system similar to British WWII rationing coupons. Come take a look to see what it’s all about 🙂


  1. ebookclassics

    Amazing! Spending/not spending is the biggest stress in my life. I will be following your activities with keen interest and may take a stab at it myself. Is there any particular luxury you’re anxious about giving up or not having as much?

    • jackiemania

      I am in the naive/excited stage right now and feel like, “wheeeee! I can do this! It’s going to be fun!” I expect reality will hit in a month or two and I will start feeling anxious about not having enough and maybe even deprived. I’m glad you’re interested and are going to be following along!

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