Calendars, My Classics Club List Version 3.0 (& One More Challenge!)


Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year 2014!

I just spent part of the morning reading about calendars, and Janus, and Earth years, and calendar reform. In short — while an Earth year is a Real Thing:

The period of time during which Earth completes a single revolution around the sun, consisting of 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes, and 12 seconds of mean solar time.

(thanks Free Dictionary!)

…the start of the year is just something the Romans made up — Janus (from which we get the name January) is the god of new beginnings and transitions — so when you are making your toasts and resolutions and whatnot, it all started with Janus worship. Interesting!

Anyway — despite the arbitrary nature, the fact of the matter is that I live in a society which says that today is the first day of the new year. It is as good a time as any to post my latest version of my Classics Club list for the “year” (oy, I can’t let this go, huh?) and introduce one more challenge I’d like to take on for “2014” (or, the Earth year starting with Julian Day Number 2456659).

Here is my Classics Club List v 3.0 (goal: to be completed by “July 15, 2017”)

1. The Classic Fairy Tales – Tartar

2. Angels and Insects – Byatt Completed 9/15/13 Thoughts

3. Babel Tower – Byatt Completed 9/16/12 Thoughts

4. Ragnarok – Byatt Completed 1/9/14 Thoughts

5. Remembrance of Things Past: Swann’s Way – Proust

6. Don Quixote – Cervantes

7. David Copperfield – Dickens

8. Hard Times – Dickens Completed 12/20/12 Thoughts

9. Great Expectations – Dickens Completed 12/19/13 Thoughts

10. The Plague – Camus

11. 1984 – Orwell Completed 8/31/13 Thoughts

12. Crime and Punishment  – Dostoyevsky Completed 4/27/13 Thoughts

13. The Brothers Karamazov – Dostoyevsky

14. The Professor – C. Brontë

15. Jane Eyre – C. Brontë

16. Villette – C. Brontë

17. Howl and Other Poems – Ginsberg

18. The Importance of Being Earnest – Wilde   Completed 8/19/12 Thoughts

19. Hamlet – Shakespeare  Completed 7/13/13 Thoughts

20. Macbeth – Shakespeare

21. King Lear – Shakespeare

22. Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare

23. The Tempest – Shakespeare

24. Twelfth Night – Shakespeare

25. As You Like It – Shakespeare

26. War and Peace – Tolstoy

27. Wuthering Heights – E. Brontë Completed 10/25/12 Thoughts

28. The Virgin in the Garden – Byatt

29. The Bloody Chamber – Carter Completed 2/18/13 Thoughts

30. Tropic of Cancer – Miller

31. The Dharma Bums – Kerouac Completed 6/14/13 Thoughts

32. The Bell Jar – Plath

33. Persuasion – Austen Completed 1/25/12 Thoughts

34. Northanger Abbey – Austen Completed 11/2/13 Thoughts

35. Frankenstein – Shelley Completed 3/23/13 Thoughts

36. Walden – Thoreau

37. Wives and Daughters – Gaskell Completed 9/5/13 Thoughts

38. Huckleberry Finn – Twain

39.  The Hound of the Baskervilles – Doyle Completed 6/2/13 Thoughts

40. Moby Dick – Melville

41. The Poisonwood Bible – Kingsolver

42. Mrs. Dalloway – Woolf

43. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman – Wollstonecraft

44. Cane – Toomer

45. The Idiot – Dostoyevsky

46. Howards End – Forster Completed 3/9/14 Thoughts

47. A Christmas Carol – Dickens Completed 12/16/12 Thoughts

48. The Hobbit – Tolkien Completed 11/24/12 Thoughts

49. Agnes Grey – A. Brontë Completed 10/2/13 Thoughts

50. Rebecca – Du Maurier Completed 12/1/12 Thoughts

I made a few tweaks so that I can participate in Twelve Months of Classic Literature 2014! From my list above, I’ll read through the following categories:

  • January: William Shakespeare (or his contemporaries. Elizabethan England, etc)
  • February: Harlem Renaissance / African-American Literature.
  • MarchFeminist Literature / Persophone / Virago Literature 
  • AprilTranscendentalist literature (or its inspirations/influence in literature)
  • MayPostcolonial Literature / World Literature.
  • JuneWorld War One and/or The Lost Generation. Modernist literature.
  • JulyPost-Modernist literature.
  • AugustThe Enlightenment Thinkers 
  • SeptemberRomantic Literature
  • OctoberLGBT literature
  • NovemberVictorian Literature
  • DecemberFreebie Month – Clearly we couldn’t cover everything in the prior eleven months. What wasn’t touched upon above that you want to explore/highlight/expand upon? Pick an author, movement or category within literature that means something to you and write or read about it to finish out the year.

Although some of the pairings will be quite obvious, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve which totally fit the genre but you might not expect 🙂 Stay tuned throughout the months to see what books from my Classics Club list I matched with each literary movement. I also can’t wait to see what other Clubbers choose to read and write about each movement! Thinking cap = On!

…and no matter how much I joke about it, I do sincerely hope that the next 365 day span of time treats all of us well!



  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Wow! Some might tomes there, and some really good reads – I could happily pick up a lot of them! Good luck and enjoy!

  2. Wallace

    Good reminder about the Classics Club. I have lagged with that as I have with most of my reading in 2013! I’m hoping 2014 is a better reading year for me. It looks like you have lots of wonderful books on the docket, enjoy!

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