The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives


This semester, my Community and Literacy class worked with The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. Reading other people’s submissions helped anchor our class in the literacy of the Every Person. It was also great to think about the work of the theorists and researchers we studied through the lens of the texts, audio files, and videos on the DALN. What an interesting resource!

Two of our assignments involved writing our own literacy narratives. One was general, and one was to focus on an aspect of technology, using technology. Our professor encouraged us to submit our work to the DALN … and I did! Here are my literacy narratives:


Technology  ( represent! Please note: I hate my recorded voice — maybe everybody hates their recorded voice? — but I did it for Art!)

This is a long way of saying that I think the DALN is pretty nifty, and if you like to write, or talk, or make videos, why don’t you think about submitting your literacy narrative?

Publicity Flier


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