My Classics Spin #4 is…



Pretty uncanny that the original serial was released on DECEMBER FIRST and the date we are supposed to start reading is DECEMBER FIRST, huh? I mean, sure there has been 153 years in between BUT STILL! I love strange “coincidences” like this (and so does Dickens, and so does Tartt!)!

I have to admit, I was chomping at the bit to get The Idiot. I thought it would be the perfect thing to read after The Goldfinch. BUT. Seeing how much The Goldfinch is affecting me, maybe another super intense and unrelenting book is not the best idea. Thank you for protecting my fragile mental state, Classics Club!

This is my third time reading Great Expectations, and I can’t wait to read it again, holding in mind Goldfinchian questions of fate and chance, innocence and experience, and oh god, I am so excited to read those long, gorgeous Dickens sentences after reading those long, gorgeous Tartt sentences.

Thank you once again, Classics Club, for hosting this incredibly fun event!


  1. Brona

    I love the coincidence – it was meant to be.
    I have Goldfinch as one of my Christmas/summer holiday reads. I’ll duck back here for support as needed 🙂

  2. ebookclassics

    Have fun re-reading Great Expectations! I read it earlier in the year for the first time and loved it (except the ending). It was also my first Dickents. Do you have a favourite character?

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