Happy Blogiversary and ClassicsClubiversary to Me!


Last year, on August 2 this blog was born in preparation to join The Classics Club … which I did on August 4, one year ago today! I was scared I wouldn’t have much to say and that I couldn’t keep up with a blog because of all my other interests and responsibilities.


I wound up blabbing away on this thing all the year long, making 94 posts, reading 14 out of the 50 books on my Classics Club List, and 15 additional books. I shared a dozen poems from poets that I love (and even some Echo and the Bunnymen lyrics!). I managed to work my obsessions with food, needlework, gardening, perfume, and accessories into this blog without going off topic one bit!

I want to thank you guys for including me in the bookish blogging community — 5025 views and 467 comments! It feels really nice to know that others are reading and responding to my musings on The Written Word and all that goes with it in this day of visual overload and information at the speed of light. You have no idea how much it means to me to find other people who are interested in reading and thinking about 650 page tomes written 147 years ago (or even 17 years ago) with open hearts and minds, outside of an academic setting.

What does the future of this blog hold? More of the same, I hope! I am still a firm believer of quality over quantity — I rather savor and think over 29 books a year instead of read 100 quickly. I’m flirting with the idea a running a reading event — maybe over Winter Break-ish? — maybe The Brothers Karamazov? — one big intense book. Maybe. I’d like to let my interests continue to guide my reading, but also seek out more reading events that happen to be in that lucky same place same time, and participate.

So, yay! Happy, happy Blogiversary and ClassicsClubiversary to me! I’ll be celebrating by finishing Kerouac’s Desolation Angels, and starting Honan’s Jane Austen bio for Austen in August with a cat on my lap and a cup of tea by my side. Party animal, I tell you!


  1. kravmarie

    Congratulations! I assumed this blog had been around longer. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own, but I haven’t because I’m afraid it would turn something I love (reading) into an obligation. On second thought, I would probably relish the excuse to read more. It probably all comes down to Internet stage fright. Ha! It sounds so silly when I put it out there 😉

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