Bookish Accoutrements: Bookmarks


In my free time, reading is just one of the things that I love to do. Another of my Huge Loves is handwork. Knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, sewing, and the like make me feel centered, and produce many useful things that I also find beautiful —  homespun flaws and all.

It brings me even more joy when I can bring the things I love together! One of the little projects I like to work on are bookmarks. I’m one of those people who need for their bookmarks to “match” what they are reading.  For example, none of my swirlygirly over the top bookmarks would do for my recent Jack Kerouac binge — I had to use a piece of hand printed paper torn to bookmark specs. I thought it was in slightly bad taste  (but I couldn’t help myself) to use my Tower of London bookmark when reading Wolf Hall. I love using my Dover Publications bird bookmarks in my gardening and nature books. And so on.

I wanted to show you all the latest additions to my bookmark collection:


These are cross stitched then lined with some linen so the crazythread back is covered, then pinking sheared for both a decorative edge and to keep fraying to a minimum.

Woody inspected the back to make sure my stitches were neat and there were no wild threads loose!


I had a little trouble deciding which one to use first:


…but once I realized that I would be reading about Jane Austen the choice became clear:


The pink floral it is!

…which is just fine — I heard Virginia Woolf whisper that she would like the blue used the next time I read one of her books.



  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    I used to be really pernickety about my bookmarks, but since I started blogging and marking pages for quotes etc, it just happens to be whatever piece of paper (or similar!) I can grab. Yours are very lovely!

  2. Leah

    Those bookmarks are so beautiful! One of my favorite bookmarks is cross-stitched (by someone else) with the words “Shut up and read;” it always makes me laugh. I want to try stitching a bookmark myself, someday!

  3. Christina

    Cute! I wish I could claim to maintain classy bookmarks as you do, but I’m afraid my mother is the only one who has ever filled that need for me. Otherwise, I’m constantly sticking pictures, Post-it notes, or junk mail in between my pages. I love how you’ve taken two interests and made them relevant to one another with your bookmarks. Awesome. 🙂

  4. kravmarie

    I love them!!! Did you use a pattern? I always like to have a small needlepoint project going in the Fall. These would be great presents!

  5. sawcat

    I like how you backed it. I got some fuseable backing to use on mine, but that can be bulky, and I don’t like bulky so much. I might try your way the next time.

    • jackiemania

      The directions had me folding the aida cloth over twice to finish the ends but that was way, way bulky (and didn’t address the crazythreads in the back) so I came up with this alternative way. The bulk is very minimal especially after ironing everything.

      • sawcat

        I did something like that with others and it wasn’t too bad. Better than my one pattern’s suggestion of fusing felt to the back. Those precut fabrics for quilters work great for these.

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