A Love Letter to Dover Publications

Just a little off-season valentine to one of my favorite publishing houses, Dover Publications.



I appreciated Dover decades ago when I was a young student for their Thrift editions. I then went over the moon for their reissues of strange and wonderful Victoriana, and most lately completely freaked out when I realized they had coloring books for “adults.” The Victorian House Coloring Book is on its way to me as I type.  I also have a bunch of their stickers (Jackie, HOW old are you again?)!

I decided to check out their site and they have so many cool free things too!

I joined their free samples list and now get emailed all kinds of clip art, coloring book pages, excerpts, and other tidbits each week. They also have what I think are the coolest free e-cards on the Internet. The Loudon flowers! Vintage song sheets! The also have an incredibly inspiring Pinterest which showcases how people use their amazing publications.

I know I only scratched the surface (wait! I forgot to tell you that I am also going to cut and assemble a Victorian painted lady house like I saw in California once it arrives!) and I bet even more wonderment will be revealed to me as I peruse their zillions of offerings. It’s so great that everything is so reasonably priced for the uniqueness and quality you get, too. I’ve never been disappointed.

Thank you, Dover, for making me feel ten years old in the best way possible. I lurve you!


    • jackiemania

      It came yesterday — I must have conjured it with this post!!! It’s everything I hoped and more. Lots of interesting and informative text too!

      If you live anywhere near New Jersey, I invite you over to color 🙂

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