Austen in August!


One of the best things about not taking classes in the summer is that I can then matriculate into jackiemaniaschool! This involves loads and loads of immersive reading of whatever I want for three whole months! Bliss! I’m booked through mid-July with the Beats of Summer, the entire summer with Unputdownables reading Wives and Daughters, and now Roof Beam Reader has gone and made another challenge I can’t resist: Austen in August!

I am going to school myself on Jane by reading Jane Austen: Her Life, The Definitive Portrait ย of Jane Austen: Her Life. Her Art, Her Family, Her World by Park Honan. I’ll try to squeeze in an Austen novel, depending on which one catches my fancy most from the bio if time permits, but this 450 page tome might take the whole month. I’m also going to make syllabub and brown butter bread pudding tarts ย and wouldn’t it be fun to try and write a letter cross letter style (maybe not for the recipient!)!

Thanks once again, Adam, for a fantastic reading event!


  1. Roof Beam Reader

    Sounds like so much fun on the horizon for you this summer! ๐Ÿ™‚ As a doctoral student, I’m “encouraged” to take courses every semester, which means during the summer as well, but this summer I needed a break. I’ll be moving, preparing for a shift in career focus, and, quite frankly, just want a couple of months for myself, to do whatever I feel like doing. I’m guessing this will be my last summer “off” for a while, though. =/

    • jackiemania

      Enjoy this last free summer (for awhile!)! I would be done my certification quicker if I took summer classes, but the way public education is super crazy right now (standardized testing madness, school closings) I am not in a rush to finish. I hope that when I’m ready to start teaching, things will have improved.

  2. Jenny Colvin (@readingenvy)

    I did a summer of Austen a few years ago and it was bliss! I also read the two recent biographies of her that are floating around. I sent a crossletter once and the recipient deemed it unreadable… I think he was just lazy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please post pics of the foodstuffs!

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