The Classics Spin #2!

I am super excited that The Classics Club is doing another spin! I had such a fun time wringing my hands over the last one — what number is going to be picked!? What is my reading fate?! After the number was chosen, I loved matching it to my book (Frankenstein!) then reading about everyone else’s destiny. Finally, I deeply enjoyed the book itself. What a fun game! I am so ready to do it again!

I’ve listed 20 books taken from my Classics Club list below.Once I deleted the books I’ve read or will be reading soon for read-a-longs or other projects, this is pretty much all I have! I think when I do my One Year Classics Club Anniversary list maintenance, I’m going to have to bring my list up to 100 books from 50. (Glee!)

So, here is my list! Monday, Monday, what will you bring me?

1. The Classic Fairy Tales – Tartar

2. Angels and Insects – Byatt

3. Don Quixote – Cervantes

4. Great Expectations – Dickens

5. 1984 – Orwell

6. Hamlet – Shakespeare

7. King Lear – Shakespeare

8. Macbeth – Shakespeare

9. Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare

10. The Tempest – Shakespeare

11. Twelfth Night – Shakespeare

12. As You Like It – Shakespeare

13. War and Peace – Tolstoy 

14. The Virgin in the Garden – Byatt

15. The Bell Jar – Plath

16. Huckleberry Finn – Twain

17. Moby Dick – Melville

18. Mrs. Dalloway – Woolf

19. The Rainbow – Lawrence

20. Howards End – Forster



  1. therelentlessreader

    I love these spins too, it’s a great way to be “forced” to read from your CC list 😉 Good luck!!

  2. Roof Beam Reader

    Look at all that Shakespeare! Lol King Lear might be my favorite (if not Titus Andronicus). I loved Macbeth and Hamlet, too. And As You Like It! Just read that one recently. War and Peace is AMAZING. Moby-Dick is genius and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is, in my opinion, THE great American novel. I really love Woolf and Forster, too, though I haven’t read those two books yet. And The Bell Jar is a must-read. 1984…Great Expectations… yes, yes. Wow, I really love your list. You’ve got a great read ahead, no matter where the Spin takes us!

    P.S. I’m probably reading Don Quixote soon. And you can always update your list as you make it through it! It can be a never-ending project, if you want it to be. I’ll probably try to make it all through mine (someday) and then create another list and keep going. 🙂

    • jackiemania

      Thanks 🙂 I’ve read everything on this list at least once except for the Byatt and Forster. I haven’t read all of the Fairy Tales in the Tartar, either — it’s a dense book with lots of versions of each tale. In the class I used it for, we explored Cinderella and that’s it!

      I guess if I have under 20 left and a spin comes up, I can list some things twice. It’s stacking the odds a bit but it would leave my 50 books intact.

      Eeeeee Monday! I can’t wait to see what number comes up!

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