I’m Leading the Penultimate Discussion of Crime and Punishment on Unputdownables!

Yup, we tie up the Crime and Punishment discussion next week, so I thought we could do something playful this week (as well as think about some serious questions)! I asked everyone to think of a song that exemplifies the major characters. Some I’ve suggested already: Svidrigailov = Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones. Katerina Ivanova = entire album Live Through this by Hole.

I can’t help myself to do yet one more. I have decided that if Raskolnikov were alive today-ish, he’d be a huge post-punk devotee, and one of his favorite albums would be Echo and the Bunnymen’s Porcupine. Check out some of these lyrics — don’t you think Ras would be compulsively listening to this record? (He’d be perverse enough to still listen to vinyl like a certain someone *cough cough cough* aka, me.)

From Gods Will Be Gods:

How can you pretend?
When there’s so much at stake
That it’s a different world
And your hands don’t shake

Have to go, I go
You’re the strangest taste
I am total love
I am total hate

From Ripeness:

When you grasped the question
Did you miss the meaning
When you met your challenge
Did you go out fighting
How will we recover
Ripeness when it’s over

I’ve discovered my Nietzsche
I’ve discovered my Nietzsche

Death should be unleashed or something
(How will we recover?)
(Ripeness when it’s over)
Do tell me what’s the difference?
(How will we recover?)

From The Cutter:

Am I the happy loss
Will I still recoil
When the skin is lost
Am I the worthy cross
Will I still be soiled
When the dirt is off

From Porcupine:

There is no comparison
Between things about to have been
Missing the point of our mission
Will we become misshapen?

It’s my blog, and I can post all the lyrics to Higher Hell if I want to!

Smack in the middle of today
Got to learn new words
Merely got to simply say
I think we all misheard

Cracked in the middle of me
Have to find my heart
Smiling equates with happy
But I know they’re miles apart

Just like my lower heaven
You know so well my higher hell

When confronted by
Continuing the course
Will you open up
Or do I have to force
The words right out
Of your stubborn mouth?
Stunted of course,
Guilty in their growth

Just like my lower heaven
You know so well my higher hell

Crashed through the floor today
I couldn’t find my legs
Suppose you live and learn
Learn it again and again

Smack in the middle of today
Got to find new words
Merely got to simply say
I think we all misheard

Just like my lower heaven
You know so well my higher hell
(When confronted by continuing the course)
(Will you open up or do I have to force)
(The words right out)
(Of your stubborn mouth)
(Stunted of course)
(Guilty in their growth)

Of course songs are not just lyrics — I encourage you to listen to the album in its entirety via the link above, and if you are short on time, Higher Hell is the first thing you see in this post.

P.S. Ian McCulloch’s lips rival Tom Hardy’s. Just sayin’

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