Bookish Accoutrements: Jane Eyre Scarf


I’ve been Spring Cleaning this weekend, and one of the things that was on my list to do was to put away my heaviest wool accessories, and bring out my lighter, springier embellishments. As I was doing this chore, I was so happy to lay my hands on my Jane Eyre Book Scarf  from Storiarts. I LOVE this scarf! I enjoy being wrapped up in the words from one of my favorite books in the world so much.


A few ideas come to mind. The things that we choose (and do not choose!) to put on our bodies can speak volumes about who we think we are, who we’d like to be, and who our birds-of-a-feather are. It can be really superficial and constraining like having to have a certain brand of what-not to “fit in”, or extremely communicative and liberating. I also think there is an aspect of adornment which is almost spiritual and protective. It’s also incredibly human: over 100,000 year-old beads made from Nassarius marine shells have been excavated. We have had a propensity for symbolic behavior from very early on.

I’d like to think that is how I’m appreciating and using my Jane Eyre scarf. I’m embracing, and letting others know about my bookish, peculiar, angry-at-injustice, passionate nature. Symbolic behavior indeed. Aren’t books a kind of symbolic representation of our lives, throughout the ages? Aren’t words symbols too?



  1. Jenny Colvin (@readingenvy)

    One of my best friends had a passage from Jane Eyre read at her wedding, after the original “manor house” the ceremony was supposed to be held in burned to the ground. It was a perfect fit, for her, for circumstances. I need to get her that scarf!

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