Anne Of Green Gables Readalong!

ebookclassics is hosting an Anne of Green Gables Readalong in April! I couldn’t help myself and had to join. Although I have read Anne recently (for the first time!), this is another book like A Christmas Carol which does the heart good. Anne is so very one of my kindred spirits, and any time spent with her is time well spent. If you’ve been meaning to read (0r reread) this treasure, why don’t you join us?

I am going to make some Liniment Cake,  Raspberry Cordial, and prepare myself to laugh until I cry, and cry until I laugh. Oh, Anne. I love you and can’t wait to read you again!

P.S. Have you seen the utterly redonkulous new cover? The pose is plain silly, but blonde hair!?!?! I just … can’t … what?!



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