Sign up for Crime and Punishment!

No, silly! I don’t wan’t you to sign up to to commit a crime and receive punishment (unless that’s your thing), but I want you to read Crime and Punishment with us over at Unputdownables!

We are reading at a leisurely pace over three months – that means less than 50 pages a week. We are going to hash everything out starting each Friday (our conversations often last all week). There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of – as you can see from this pie chart on, Dosty was a regular guy with problems just like you and me. There was a comic book made out of C&P, starring Batman, for goodness sakes!

 Our friend Fyodor says things like:

The cleverest of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month.

See? Nothing to worry about!

I hope you will consider being a fool with us, and join the Crime and Punishment read-a-long!


  1. sawcat

    I didn’t get further than “The garret was under the roof of a high, five story house…” of my copy before I decided I should go get the translation you recommended. So I am all set.

      • sawcat

        Yeah, closet is better. Garret is redundant to me. I had looked up the new edition while waiting for book club the night before, but hadn’t tried mine yet. After having a bad time of Anna Karenina some years ago, figured best to go with a recommended translation.

  2. Melody @ Fingers & Prose

    That pie chart is fabulous! I read the intro to C&P and had to laugh about how he had to “contend with…his own pathological addiction to gambling.” I don’t know why it struck me funny, but it was almost too much–the kind of depressing that feels so distinctly Russian.

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