Bookish Accoutrements: Vintage Leather Book iPhone Case

I recently got an iPhone 5, and finding a case that suited my bookish, old stuff loving aesthetic was hard. Everything was slick and modern (or cutesy). Finally, I ran across the EC Technology handmade leather case that looks like a beautiful, tiny book:

EC TECHNOLOGY 5 in 1 Genuine handmade leather case for iphone 5 Black color

It arrived this week and it is even nicer in person. The phone fits perfectly inside, and I am also able to fit my work ID (I work at a university and we have to show our ID to access all buildings), a few business cards, and a folded up $20 for emergencies.  It has the Leather Smell if you like that (I do) and the materials and workmanship are excellent. It folds back for talking, and the cut out spaces for charging and photo-taking are very accessible. Mine is black, natch, but it comes in a few colors.

To see it in action:

It may seem pretty crazy to take the latest technology and cover it with a homage to something hundreds of years old, but that’s exactly the way I roll. I can cope with (and even embrace! the iPhone is GREAT!) change, as long as it is wrapped up in a little nostalgia.



    • jackiemania

      Yes! I was a little worried, actually, because the price was so reasonable. The other leather case I had my eye on was $70! Thankfully the quality is really good — I would have paid double without blinking!

  1. Melody @ Fingers & Prose

    I got the BookBook version for Christmas last year and it’s adorable, except no cut-out for my camera! Frustrating! (the new versions have it…but they are also way more expensive.) I keep thinking I need to just do it myself but I haven’t. I’m afraid I’ll ruin it–which, since I’m not using it at all right now–is probably a silly worry.

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