Persuasion sign ups for January!

Sign ups are open for the Persuasion read-a-long at Unputdownables!

I finally went over to Project Gutenberg and put it on my reader this morning. I was dragging at my heels a bit — I already told you of my not being crazy about Jane. What finally peaked my interest was Lauren Cerand’s post on the Dempsy & Carroll blog titled On Legends and Letters.  Letters! This is something I can get excited about! Cerand situates the novel in the epistolary tradition (and makes it sound terribly romantic). I’m a big fan of letter writing (and fountain pens and stationery and oh!) and I decided to do a little research on Jane Austen and letter writing to help me find something to focus on besides “witty — but surfacey!” Here are some links for your perusal:

I found this most enjoyable and interesting post on Jane Austen and Letter Writing on Jane Austen’s World.

Here is a little more about the Regency Folding Style.

and a fascinating video showing all of the accoutrements in action:

(I can’t be the only one googling for goose feathers and a repro slanted writing thingum!)

Oh, I am so good and excited now!!! Let the reading begin!!!


P.S. – I am always looking for pen pals! Just ask Ruby – I may take awhile, but I always write back and include tea! Leave me a comment if you are interested!

P.P.S – Speaking of tea (!!!)



  1. Melody

    Pen pals? Sign me up! How can you not itch to correspond after watching that video? That was great. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to this read along…such a diverse crowd, should make for great conversation, right? I’m hoping my Persuasion-adoration will spread to some of you. 😉

    • jackiemania

      Melody! How pleased I am that you would like to correspond! If you could email me your mailing address

      j m a n n i @ c a m d e n DOT r u t g e r s DOT e d u

      I’ll write you a letter to start 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. Jenny Colvin (@readingenvy)

    I love real pen pals! I still write only real letters to my best friend from 7th grade. Sometimes there are months between. Email me if you’re interested… J e n n y _ c o l v i n @ y a h o o . c o m

    I’ll probably join in on Jane Austen since that one is my favorite!

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