Bookish Accoutrements: The Bodleian Bilingual Bag

I love, love, love my new bag which I purchased from Levenger! It works for me on so many completely dorktastic levels:

  • One side is in English, and the other is Latin. Horray for Latin! Did you know that they used to teach Latin in Public Schools in the 70s? I credit my ability to figure out all kinds of words by their roots because of my exposure to Latin. Why did they stop this?!! (Rhetorical question)
  • Love the design. They managed to make the bag contemporary by using Helvetica (I think? I am not extremely font savvy) , with the oxblood single large letter, suggesting an illuminated manuscript in the most current of ways.
  • If you are a Shadow of Night fan – OMG! The Bodleian Library!!!
  • It is SO well made. This is not your typical tote.  It is stitched to perfection in England with quality, weighty cotton. It’s gusseted, and I love the tall shape — perfect for everything you need to carry about. Your lunch, big art books, a baguette, drugstore odds and ends, a pound of coffee, etc. At one time, even!

I’ve been carrying it around for a few weeks, and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I thought I’d mention it to you all since it would make an unusual and extremely bookish gift, and ’tis the season!



  1. Leah

    It’s lovely! I took Latin for four years in high school, and although it was often frustrating, I love some of the words I learned because of it: pulchritudinous, pugnacious, ubiquitous, defenestrate!

  2. Wallace

    I pinned that bag last night thinking of you! Haha! I love it too – sounds like it was worth the purchase. One can never have to many (bookish) reusable bags, I say.

    I never learned Latin, but my mom did growing up (along with French, while I learned Spanish and wish I had followed in her footsteps instead) and still uses it today, randomly.

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