(Don’t worry, I will refrain from making up Bookclubbing lyrics a la Weird Al to Iggy Pop’s Nightclubbing … unless you really want me to!)

I’m so excited — an area book club is forming and I am THEE inaugural member! If you are in the Philadelphia area, check out Judy’s blog for details. I enjoy discussing books online, but there is something about purposefully getting together at one physical time and space to truly exchange ideas that I love. It’s what I adore about the classroom, and something I definitely want more of in my life.

I have a few tips and tricks from previous book club experiences that I hope to bring to this group, but I’d like to ask if any of you have some words of wisdom for this undertaking?

Eeeee! Excited! Book Club!


  1. Wallace

    I have no tips, except feeding the readers is always a good idea (we get hungry, us readers, don’t we?). I’d like to hear YOUR tips though. My book club is getting ready to meet for the first time in two weeks, so we’ll see how that goes. The best book club I was ever in was the last one (before I moved). I think it helped that we had (mostly) similar interests in books; it made it so that most people actually read the books before they came.

  2. jackiemania

    My main one is to set the tone and keep everyone on track from the very beginning. Book clubs are social, but they are not a party. 🙂 My other one is to meet at least 6 months in a public venue and get to know everyone a little before starting to have meetings in people’s homes. The book group I was in met in a bar 🙂 which was fun, but I think this book group will most likely do coffee shops.

    Have you had a lot of people who don’t read the book then show up to the discussion anyway? OMG!

    • Wallace

      Yes! The last book club I was in was the only one where that didn’t happen (much). I think because we were all big readers, no one wanted to be the one who hadn’t read (awesome, right?!). However, most of my book clubs end up with my and maybe one other person having read the book – which is also the reason they end. 🙂

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