So I’m Packing My Bags for the Misty Mountains

I’ve just signed up for The Hobbit Read-a-long on Unputdownables!  I am especially excited to participate because I’ve never read it, and we’ll be finished part one right before the film is released — what perfect timing!

I hear you saying, “What do you mean you never read The Hobbit, nerd woman!?” Well, it’s true! I have a distinct memory of reading Lord of the Rings in 6th grade, for the reason, I’m sure, that  every sweet 11 year old girl reads Lord of the Rings… to help decipher Led Zeppelin lyrics! I remember enjoying it, but I was much more involved with my budding teenagerhood Jimmy Page obsession at the time.

Fast forward to the first LOTR movie release. My husband was chomping at the bit to see it. I had just started my yearly winter break (the University I work for gives us paid leave from right after grading is complete until the new year) so I said, “Why not?” and went. I had no expectations or excitement (although Ramble On was Pavlovian-ly playing in my head as I sat in my seat) and WOW. I LOVED it. I was completely transported into Middle-earth. I fell in love with Frodo and Gandalf and OMG SAM!!!!!! I spent the rest of my break rereading the trilogy and the rest is history. I am now the person who begs my husband for a marathon rewatching of the trilogy every. winter. break. (of course we own the extended version boxed set!). It makes absolutely no sense that I’ve never picked up The Hobbit after my LOTR conversion late in life. None! I am so glad that I will finally remedy this major oversight.

So why don’t you join us? We begin discussion next week!

P.S. I found my copy in the drugstore of all places. You can get your soap, extra milk, and a copy of The Hobbit in one fell swoop!


  1. Wallace

    They’re in my drugstores too! Goes to show you what movie does for a book, right? I’ve never read the LOTR trilogy (if you can believe it), but gobbled up every movie. It was a tradition with my mom since they always came out on school breaks. (We also had a Harry Potter tradition, never saw either of those series with anyone else). I suppose I’ll be taking her to The Hobbit so we can start a new tradition! I keep hearing it’s going to be in 2 or 3 parts, but never anything solidified. Have you heard?

  2. claire

    Have fun with The Hobbit! I’m sure you will! I’ve read it several times, along with LOTR and The Silmarillion, and every time it’s always wonderful. I’ve seen the LOTR movies a number of times as well, but my children were too young then. Last year we tested the movies on them and they got scared so we had to stop just minutes after the first film began. Just last month, though, my eldest started reading The Hobbit (he’s 11) and begged to watch the LOTR movies again. I told him to read the book first and said he can’t wait, that he reads slow, so we started watching with the kids and we’ve finished the first 2 movies and they’re enthralled. We all can’t wait for The Hobbit movie!

    • jackiemania

      I think I’ve already asked my husband 202934028093 times if we are going to see the movie the moment it comes out 🙂 You and your children are going to have such a lovely adventure together wandering Middle-earth!

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