Bookish Accoutrements: Thornfield


I like to think of myself as living the life of the mind, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to loving STUFF. As the illustrious sages The New York Dolls sang, “Well that’s cause I’m a human being, I want too many things!” I may not care a whit for a diamond ring or a fancy car (especially since I never learned to drive!) but items that reference my favorite books make me weak in the knees.

Case in point: Thornfield perfume oil by Sarawen Perfume Art.  As soon as I saw that Sara made a perfume that was inspired by Jane Eyre, I knew I had to have it. She describes it as “dark polished cedar and rosewoods with lavender and labdanum – mysterious, gloomy, and a little dangerous. A dark herbal blend with a touch of decayed florals.” Oh, that’s right up my alley!

When it arrived (in a beautiful pouch with ribbons!) I was thrilled with the fragrance. I can’t remember exactly how I described it on twitter, but it was something like a rosewood box filled with a leather bound book, a dried bouquet, and a chunk of amber. It is dark…and delicious and intoxicating and I love, love, love it. I have it on right now and I can’t stop sniffing my wrists and imagining myself tromping across moors to a big, gloomy hall and …

…you get the idea.



    • jackiemania

      I completely had a conniption over the Literary Gift Company when Wallace from Unputdownables posted about it! Every single item is beautiful and clever.

      Paper Source has the paddywax candles (another place of charming STUFF I can’t resist).

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