The Classics Club: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

We’re doing introductions over at The Classics Club! I wanted to post mine here, for posterity, too!

(Me, with a cup of tea in my hand. That’s how you’ll usually find me!)

Your online name: jackiemania — I started using this name because Microsoft Word kept on changing my actual name, Jackie Manni to Jackie Mania in spellcheck. Ha!

Your blog name (so we can find your classics list on the Member Page): I blog at

How many books you hope to read for the club: I have 50 on my list to read in just under 5 years. I made the number on the small side since I do so much other reading, am in school, and love to do a host of other activities (paint, cook, garden, needlework, etc.).

When you joined: I just joined August 4. 2012! I’ve wanted to join since its inception, but I didn’t have a blog.

Describe your literary background: I’ve always been a bookworm (I was one of those kids who survived childhood by voracious reading, art-making, and music-listening) , and my BA is in English.

Why you joined The Classics Club and/OR one interesting fact about you: I joined The Classics Club because I wanted to study these books a little more formally than just random reading. I always flirt with the idea of going to grad school for English, but I know I would find the heavy on criticism and light on delight curriculum stifling. The Classics Club seems like a perfect way to keep me on a path (and share that path with others!) whilst honoring what I most love about reading and learning. I instead chose to go back to school for teaching, and I hope to inspire the love of reading and learning in the wee ones.

The favorite book you’ve read so far for the club (if you’ve begun your list.) Or, the one you’re most intrigued to read: I’m almost done Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt and I feel like I had Such An Experience. After the day’s reading, I either had a related dream or nightmare each and every night. I’ll tell you more once I’m finished and have done some digesting!

Link ONE POST from your blog that you believe speaks to who you are. (No fair saying “I can’t pick one, so here are ten!” You have to pick only one post. It does NOT have to be a club post or a review.): My blog is very young, so I’ll just link my most recent one. I think it shows that I like to make connections across genres and time periods, that I have an unconventional way of looking at things, that I love poetry, and that I can be a little fresh 😉

Answer the one question you wish everybody would answer who enters this thread: What was your favorite book when you were little-er? My favorite group of books, spanning from when I was tiny to a teenager were the Betsy books by Maude Hart Lovelace. I loved growing up with Betsy. I related to her so much – loving books and writing but also loving fun and The Great World, and her journey of trying to make a life combining all of that. She was my first, and my kind of feminist icon.  She still makes me laugh and cry and Heaven to Betsy is my choice (tied with Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess) as my world is tumbling down I need comfort and grounding reading. I also loved her family and still wish desperately to have a Sunday Night Lunch. It may be possible – there are others like me!



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