The Best $3.85 I’ve Ever Spent


When I went to my work library to pick up my interlibrary loan, there were book trucks filled with home, garden, and craft books for sale. From the bookplates and writing inside, it looks like they were all donated by one woman. I try not to make my morbid imagination work overtime, but I can only assume she was no longer able to use them. Death? Nursing home? Too sad to think about.

On the positive side, I gave thirteen of them a loving home, and my coworker bought just as many. My inner arms are actually bruised from carrying these oversized heavy hardback books from the train station to my house! It was worth it, though. I got some real prizes, including TWO Kaffe Fassett books, Clementine in the Kitchen, Shabby Chic (which I wanted since it came out in the 90s! I used to watch that show every time I visited my mother!) and so much more. My favorite score is C. Z. Guest’s First Garden, drawings by Cecil Beaton (!), foreward by Truman Capote (!!!). Some of these treasures were .25, some .50 and one was only .10. What kind of crazy world do we live in that designer handbags made in Chinese factories cost $1,200 and these amazing storehouses of knowledge and beauty are .25? Yeah – that’s too sad to think about, too.



    • jackiemania

      So true 🙂 I refer to my books constantly, and I can tell that the previous owner of these books did too. So many bookmarks, scraps of paper, cut off leftovers of thick gorgeous watercolor paper. I have a picture in my mind of what she looked like and everything. She was a kindred spirit, that’s for sure (and here I am looking backwards instead of forwards).

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