Wuthering Heights Read-a-long!

Now is the time to sign up for the Unputdownables Wuthering Heights Read-a-long!

Of course I signed up! Not only do I love Unputdownables Read-a-longs, but Wuthering Heights is one of my Classics Club selections.

I first read the book in high school, and was like “Oh man, this Cathy chick is annoying! Heathcliff is a jerk!” I then read it in college, heavily and headily under the influence of Gilbert and Gubar’s The Madwoman in the Attic and said, “Ohhhhhhhhh!” The book became so much more interesting to me once viewed through the lens of the natural vs. the cultural (interesting – one of the same themes of The Importance of Being Earnest, but I daresay the very opposite conclusion!) and whilst thinking about gender roles and their subversion. I recently re-read it and loved it even more. I am really excited to read it yet again after learning a little more about what made Emily Bronte tick. I’m also happy to crack into my beautiful hardback Penguin Edition that was a gift from Wallace for completing all of the Unputdownables read-a-longs last year:

Is it not a thing of beauty?

Please join us (and please forgive my Tom Hardy comments in the Unputdownables sign up post. I am a serious, bookish person but I think Those Lips would distract anyone)!

I also can’t resist including Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights video (red dress, not white dress. I like it better despite the fact she liked white dress better):

Official jackiemania Announcement: You may either Love or Hate Kate, but this blog is a Kate Bush Love Zone and I will not entertain any negative comments about her clothing or dancing. Ahem! Also, Kate and Emily share the same birthdate.



  1. Wallace

    I never knew it was Kate Bush who sang this (and I had NO idea it was about Wuthering Heights… too young when I heard it, I guess? But I remember the chorus well)! My brother and I were *obsessed* with This Woman’s Work after She’s Having a Baby came out.

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