Piecework Magazine: July/August 2012

The only thing I love to do as much as Read is Make Stuff. Whether it’s a loaf of bread, a curtain for my foyer, a pair of socks to keep me warm, or a painting for my library, I get great satisfaction out of creating something with my own two hands. Things get really over the top thrilling when I can combine my two loves! This is where Piecework magazine comes into the picture. I love the magazine to pieces (har!) but their September/October issue of literary inspired articles and projects is the issue I most eagerly anticipate (well, I also flip over the Lace issue every year too, if I am to be perfectly honest).

I just got my issue a few days ago and have been mooning over it. I almost stopped breathing when I saw that one of the articles is titled Victorian Social and Needlecraft Hierarchies in Jane Eyre, with a Victorian Short Purse to Crochet – does that not make your heart go pitter patter? The issue is chock-full of inspiration: A Like Water for Chocolate bedspread to crochet (it’s the gorgeous project in the cover image), an article on Handwork in The Flowering Thorn (I’ve just started my Interlibrary Loan chase to find a copy of this book – it’s super rare), an article about the book The Needle in the Blood (about the Bayeux Tapestry) along with a project and lesson in the Bayeux embroidery stitch, and tons more! Ahhh!

If you are a reader who likes to make stuff too, do check it out! It’s the only magazine that I save each and every issue of (and my copies go back to 2000). I love you, Piecework magazine!

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