The Importance of Being Unputdownable


I’ve been participating in Wallace’s read-a-longs on Unputdownables since the very first one. We’ve read tons of interesting books, and I’ve done a few guest posts throughout the read-a-longs.

Right now we’re reading The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (we just started if you’d like to join us!). I read this play in college and loved it (I need to find the paper I wrote on it. It was hysterical in the way most papers written by nineteen-year-olds are. I used peanut butter and jelly as an extended metaphor). It is also one of my Classic Club selections! I have H. Montgomery Hyde’s Wilde biography (which I got second-hand, and folded into it I found the most delightfully yellowed review of the biography ripped from the New York Times with “December 21,1975” handwritten on top) on my night table (which is actually a plant stand) to begin as soon as I’m finished Charlotte Brontë: A Writers Life by Rebecca Fraser (which makes me quake each time I pick it us because I’m near the end and know what happens. OH CHARLOTTE!).

…but I digress. You’ll find I do that. In short (shout out to Mr. Micawber!), I highly recommend both the Unputdownables blog and read-a-longs.

P.S. We’re starting Wuthering Heights in September!



  1. joon*ann

    Hi Jackie, I was a reader in the Bleak House read-a-long last spring… I enjoyed reading your comments then, and look forward to reading what you’ll have to say about the books you read here. I’m working on reading all the Brontë sisters and plan to join in on the Wuthering Heights read-a-long in September. I enjoyed the last one so very much! 🙂

    • jackiemania

      Hi joon*ann! I’m glad we’ll be reading Wuthering Heights together in September!! I am trying to read everything by the Bronte sisters as well. I only have the Professor left for Charlotte, and Agnes Grey by Anne (which I see you just read 🙂 but everything begs rereading and study. I’ll let you know what I think of Fraser’s Charlotte Bronte A Writer’s Life when I’m done (I’m close!). That Barker book you’re currently reading looks fascinating. I’ll look for your review!!

      • joon*ann

        Oh, good I’ll look forward to your thoughts on Fraser’s book. The Barker book is close to 1000 pages so it will take me awhile on that, but I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve read so far. I have quite a few Brontë books to go–I’ve only read two so far, and just started The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. But this month, I am mostly concentrating on my first Jane Austen book for the Austen in August reading event. I’ve been wanting to read Jane, so I couldn’t resist signing up…for the extra motivation, you know. 🙂 I’ll look forward to your post and reading with you in September. 🙂

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